Competition Pistol Class – Develop Or Improve Your Handgun Competition Skills

COMPETITION PISTOL                                                                                   NOT A NRA COURSE

We teach the Internatioal Denfensive Pistol Association type of competition. Prior to the formation of IDPA, there was no place to compete and hone one’s skill with equipment designed for and suitable for self-defense. Other shooting sports are just that, sports that have no relevance to self-defense. IDPA offers an exciting forum for practical shooters in which truly practical equipment, techniques and courses of fire are mandated. Prior to IDPA, there was no place at all to compete with common service pistols such as the Beretta, Glock or Sig. Nor was there a shooting sport where your concealed carry holster could also be your match holster without handicap. When you come to an IDPA match, you can not only use your duty/CCW equipment, you can be completely competitive with it! Other shooting sports have become equipment “races”; IDPA will not. If you’re interested in using truly practical pistols to solve challenging and exciting defensive shooting problems, then this is the sport for you.

This course is designed for anyone at any skill level that has the desire to continue their training and enjoy the shooting sports.

Competing in an International Defensive Pistol Association type match is extremely fun and rewarding. This course will prepare you to compete in an IDPA match at a level you are comfortable with. The course is designed to take those who have developed or want to develop a higher level of handgun skills and continue to prefect their abilities through competition. The course can be extended to on-going range sessions for an indefinite period of time. The advanced pistol course is a perquisite.

Equipment required:

  • Handgun, 9mm or greater
  • 200 rounds of ammunition
  • Hearing protection
  • Eye protection
  • Sturdy holster
  • Speed loaders or magazines and belt pouches
  • Lunch (depending on time of day)
  • Plenty of liquids to drink
  • Appropriate attire including duty/training footwear


Certificate of Certification awarded upon successful completion of course

Course Cost: $95.00

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